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Welcome to our new website, we hope that you will find the new site useful as we continue to develop new features over the next 12 months, a few important pieces of information to help make your the transition as easy as possible.
We have where possible attempted to migrate users from the old site where the following criteria exists, an order has been placed on the old site within the past 12 months (June 2016-June 2017), due to missing information this has not always been possible.
Your login name is the email address you registered on the old site with.
Passwords from the old site no longer work as they were encrypted for your protection so you will need to use the lost password process to reset your password. Hotmail and users may not receive the lost password retrieval email due to filtering been imposed by Microsoft, we are looking at a way to rectify this situation.
YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LOGIN UNTIL YOUR ACCOUNT IS APPROVED, the website uses a human approval process for accounts, you will receive an email once your account is approved and active, do not keep using the lost password process as this will delay your account being approved.
Videos are being made to help explain the use and features of the website.